Besides believing what God has revealed, what else must we do to attain eternal life? – WE MUST KEEP HIS COMMANDMENT, this was the reply of Jesus to the young man who approached and asked Him. Commandments symbolize our deep personal faith and loyalty to Christ (CFC,863). However, in following Jesus, we must offer our whole self. It entails sacrifice and courage. And may we not be like the young man in the Gospel for today, who went away sad, for he cannot detach himself from his wealth and possessions just to follow Jesus. We are all bombarded with man things in life, and sometimes we also need to be free from them. Money, wealth, riches, possessions and many more. Money is just money, though its a need and means for us to acquire things and it is not a sin to have it. But there is only one thing that Jesus is asking of us to attain eternal life – i.e. to share whatever we have, give to the poor for the true treasure is in heaven. We cannot serve both God and Money (Lk. 16:11-13), let us be open to share whatever we have especially for those who are in need and may we never be controlled by our money. Let’s share what we have, for in the end, it is the Lord who will provide all our needs and will never abandon us. Let us all be stewards of God’s grace and generosity for one another, and not being enslaved by our riches and power.