Our Lord Jesus Christ the King (Mt. 25:31-46)

Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of Mine, you did for Me. As I have reflected on this gospel passage, Jesus gave emphasis on the least members of our community. For sometimes, we tend to drag people down once we knew their plight in the community. We managed to be arrogant and act courageously as a superior. We inflict pain to those afflicted ones and make themselves intimidated. But if we look closer and taste the gospel itself, we would notice that Christ who was king became a humble servant leader with a pure of heart. Jesus Himself manifested all goodness when He was on earth. he wants us to follow His footsteps in order to spread love and make that love visible yet powerful. For goodness attracts and it reverberates like a ripple. Sooner or later, all our efforts will be credited. For if you plant goodness, you’ll reap much better but if you invest on evilness, eternal damnation aheads in you. God who is just gave us opportunities. He gave us freedom, skills and wisdom to cultivate as to share to our brothers and sisters in need. But if we not use it properly, all of them will be gone from us. Let us remember always that all things in this world whether you’re rich or not were subject to be temporal, it is not totally endowed to us but a mere trust only. And always bear in mind that if you want to assess ones character, give him power.  Jesus who is just will reign among every nation to judge us according to what we did on the past.     by: SEM. MAX FIGURACION